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AWS FreePBX Updates
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Welcome to TheWebMachine Networks' Support Forum!

While we hope you enjoy your time here and look forward to helping you make the most of AWS FreePBX, we have a few basic rules that everyone must follow:

1. Stay on topic! This forum is broken down into sections. Keep your posts in the appropriate section and keep your replies on topic. If a conversation is steering off topic and plans to stay that way, the initial topic and post needs updated. If a new topic spawns alongside the current topic, move the conversation to a new topic and share a link in the old topic for users to follow. If you feel a topic has reached a reasonable conclusion and think it should be locked, send a Private Message to TheWebMachine and include a link to the topic with your reason for wanting it locked.

2. No derogatory language, insults, badgering, harassment, or other unprofessional conduct. This is a SUPPORT forum. Be supportive or kindly show yourself off of the forum.

Failure to follow the posted rules of any forum section or the rules of basic human decency may result in the post (or you) being removed, as necessary.

NOTE: Due to security breaches on Yahoo's email service and the large amount of spam now originating from those accounts, we have been forced to ban @yahoo.com email addresses from registering on our forum. If you use Yahoo email services, we HIGHLY recommend switching email services to another service like GMail. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Now, let's get to the VoIPy goodness! :-)
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