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AWS FreePBX Updates
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S3 Bucket Sync and Auto File Deletion now available!
Topic Started: Jan 31 2017, 06:27 AM
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We're always looking for ways to improve AWS FreePBX and make it the most robust and easy to use cloud-based VoIP PBX system in the world! Thanks to great user feedback and some brainstorming of our own, we've just added the following new features to AWS FreePBX:

1. S3 Bucket support with AUTOMATIC sync of Voicemails and Call Recordings - Would you like to backup to an easy-to-access and cheaper alternative to large EBS Volumes? Wish you could make Recordings and Voicemails available to your external CRM or other applications/services? NOW YOU CAN! With our S3 Sync service, you can easily configure an S3 Bucket to store Voicemails and/or Call Recordings at an interval of your choice. Then you can simply access your files from the standard S3 Console or API interfaces anywhere you want!

2. Automatic File Deletion service with nearly limitless control over retention and scheduling - Have high call volumes and Call Recording enabled? Wish you could save some money on EBS Volume storage costs without giving it any further thought and no unpleasant surprises in the future? NOW YOU CAN! With our Automatic File Deletion service, you can set how many days of Recordings you wish to retain locally (from 0 days to 2+ years!) and exactly when you want files deleted (daily, weekly, monthly, annually).

These two new features combined work great to allow businesses with strict legal file retention policies to keep YEARS of Call Recordings on cheap S3 Bucket storage without incurring extreme costs on ever-increasing EBS Volumes. Check them out and let us know what you think! You can find both features in SmartUpgrade EXPERT-MODE. More information about SmartUpgrade can be found here: http://forum.thewebmachine.net/topic/8336033

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